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For Veterinary Teams

A history of partnering to advance animal health.

Our partnership with the veterinary community spans our entire 63-year history. Founded by a visionary veterinarian, Morris Animal Foundation has the same goal today as it did in 1948: to advance veterinary medicine and improve the health and welfare of animals worldwide. We’ve funded more than 2,000 animal health and welfare studies, many of which have led to breakthroughs in diagnostics, treatments, preventions and cures that help veterinarians and their teams provide the very best in animal health care.

Not only do we fund research advances but Morris Animal Foundation also strives to provide veterinary teams with the latest information in research developments and resources that help educate clients about pet health.

  • Order Cards and Support Animal Health Research—Card programs to build client loyalty
  • Sponsor a Study—Learn how to sponsor research that advances veterinary medicine
  • News You Can Use—Share articles and newsletters with clients
  • Research Findings—Read about the latest research results that can improve your practice 
  • Clinical Trials—Learn about clinical trials you can participate in
  • Veterinary Clinics—View a list of clinics that support Morris Animal Foundation through our Veterinary Memorial Card Program