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Pet Parent Awards

Morris Animal Foundation's Pet Parent Award program helps you recognize your client for being a responsible pet owner. When you make a Pet Parent Award donation, the Foundation sends a personalized card to your client informing them of your gift of recognition.  Each card also includes an “I Love My Cat” or “I Love My Dog” sticker/window cling. When you send a Pet Parent Award, you support research to advance veterinary medicine and reward your clients for participating in preventive health care for their pets.

"Historically, when owners brought their pets to their veterinarian for immunizations, it made them feel good that they did the responsible thing. With longer vaccine intervals and an increased emphasis on treating dental disease and obesity, owners now frequently feel they have failed because their veterinarian has found something wrong with their pet. We are using the Pet Parent Award program for clients who enroll their pet in our preventive health program. This acknowledgement makes them feel good about providing great care for their pet.”  ~ Tracey Jensen, DVM, DABVP, Wellington Veterinary Clinic, Wellington, Colorado

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