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1. Improving Diagnostic Tools for Classifying Soft-Tissue Sarcomas in Cats

(Web Page; Fri Mar 20 10:49:00 CDT 2015)

Principal Investigator: Dr. Rachael Thomas, North Carolina State University Sponsors: Study ID: D15FE-008

Description: Researchers will develop advanced DNA-based techniques for characterizing feline soft-tissue sarcomas, which may help veterinarians provide a more comprehensive diagnosis and improve their ability to choose the most appropriate clinical management strategies for these cancers.

2. Targeting the Metastatic Phenotype in Canine Soft-Tissue Sarcoma Cell Lines

(Web Page; Thu Jul 05 09:24:00 CDT 2012)

D13CA-608Leanne Magestro, North Carolina State University Sponsor: Golden Retriever Foundation

3. Discovering New Therapy Targets for Soft-Tissue Sarcomas

(Web Page; Mon Nov 12 18:31:00 CST 2012)

D13CA-073Dr. William C. Kisseberth, The Ohio State University

Description: Soft-tissue sarcomas are among the most common canine cancers. This study defines the molecular and clinical characteristics of these tumors in dogs. The information will help identify genes and pathways that will lead to new targeted therapies for dogs with soft-tissue sarcomas.

4. Identifying the Genetic Landscape of Soft-Tissue Sarcomas

(Web Page; Wed Dec 17 11:49:00 CST 2014)

D12CA-071Dr. Marlene Hauck, North Carolina State University Co-sponsors: Douglas & Kathy Miller in Memory of Franky, Rocky and Emily, Anonymous, for Walter; Anonymous; Douglas and Kathryn Miller, in memory of Frankie & Rocky

5. Using new imaging technology to assess surgical margins following cancer surgery in cats

(Web Page; Tue Jan 10 10:36:00 CST 2017)

STUDY ID: D16FE-034 INVESTIGATOR: Laura E. Selmic, BVetMed, MPH, University of Illinois SPONSOR(S): Rex and Nelle Jackson Foundation, Anonymous, Petco Foundation, Blue Buffalo Foundation

Description: Optical Coherence Tomography for Surgical Margin Assessment: The Cutting-edge for Feline Injection-site Sarcomas

6. Using Genetic Technology to Diagnose Cancer Types in Cats

(Web Page; Mon May 09 11:30:00 CDT 2011)

D10FE-007Dr. Rachael Thomas, North Carolina State University

7. Determining Factors That Cause Chemotherapy Resistance

(Web Page; Mon Apr 25 10:23:00 CDT 2011)

8. Evaluating a Potential Drug for Treating Malignant Tumors

(Web Page; Fri Jan 13 11:51:00 CST 2012)

D10CA-064Dr. Jacqueline M. Wypij, University of Illinois Co-sponsor: The Aura McConnell Foundation, Inc.

9. Improving Ability to Predict Cancer Spread

(Web Page; Mon May 09 09:48:00 CDT 2011)