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Searching for candidate genes responsible for equine metabolic syndrome

Summary: Researchers will search for candidate genes associated with equine metabolic syndrome in five horse breeds – Arabian, Morgan, Quarter Horse, Tennessee Walking Horse, and Welsh Pony.

Description: Equine metabolic syndrome is a metabolic and hormonal disorder in horses characterized by insulin resistance, obesity and susceptibility to laminitis. Little is known about the genetic basis and variation of EMS within and across breeds, which limits the ability to predict disease risk and identify patients that can benefit from management changes or early intervention. Researchers will investigate breed-specific metabolic profiles in five horse breeds to help identify candidate genes associated with EMS using various genomic selection tools. These findings will provide a foundation for discovering new therapeutic targets and aid in the development of genetic tests to identify at-risk horses prior to the onset of clinical disease.


INVESTIGATOR: Felipe F. Avila, University of Minnesota