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Role of exosomes in biological behavior of canine osteosarcoma

Description: Cancer cells from virtually every tumor have the potential to spread to other parts of the body, but only rare cells from certain tumor types actually survive and grow (metastasize). In the case of bone cancer, metastatic disease is the cause of death in nearly every patient. Researchers do not fully understand how bone cancer cells spread from the primary site in the bone to the lungs, but recent work suggests that the tumors send out small “sacs” (vesicles) into the bloodstream. Researchers will investigate how the contents of these vesicles deliver signals that modify normal cells in distant organs and allow growth of metastatic tumors. This new information will improve our understanding of cancer spread and help researchers develop more effective treatments for dogs with osteosarcoma.


INVESTIGATOR: Dr. Alicia J. Donnelly, University of Minnesota