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Genetic Tool for Analyzing Inherited Traits

More than 450 canine genetic traits are listed on the Online Mendelian Inheritance in Animals list. These traits affect all body systems in dogs and can cause health problems ranging from mild disease susceptibility to severe illness and death. Researchers will use a genetic tool called the Affymetrix Canine SNP Chip to develop a mapping strategy using pooled DNA samples that will map genes for hereditary canine disorders. This method promises to be 10 times more efficient and cost effective than current methods for analyzing canine inherited traits. Once this method is validated, it will be used to map a series of hereditary retinal disorders affecting multiple breeds.

Dr. Gregory M. Acland, Cornell University

Co-sponsors: American Spaniel Club Foundation (ASCF); Portuguese Water Dog Foundation; Neil and Sylvia Van Sloun, The Van Sloun Foundation; Laura Cook; The Seeing Eye; Newfoundland Club of America Charitable Trust