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Evaluating a new treatment for a deadly blood disorder in dogs

Summary: Researchers will evaluate a novel drug as a potential new treatment for immunemediated hemolytic anemia, a serious and fatal blood disorder in dogs.

Description: Immune-mediated hemolytic anemia is a serious blood disorder with a high mortality rate in dogs. Despite years of research and advances in the diagnosis, few effective treatment options are available for IMHA. Researchers will evaluate a new drug, currently used to treat similar diseases in people, as a potential new canine IMHA treatment. While the underlying causes of IMHA and the human diseases differ, the target biological mechanisms are similar. This study will determine the drug’s safety and dosing for dogs as a precursor for future clinical trials that could help transform how we treat dogs with this deadly disease.


INVESTIGATOR: Dr. Erica L. Behling-Kelly, DVM, Cornell University

SPONSOR(S): Anonymous