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Developing a new treatment strategy and drug-delivery system for foal pneumonia

Summary: Researchers will compare combinations of antimicrobials to identify the most effective combination for use in a novel, aerosolized, nanoparticle drug delivery system. 

Description: Despite aggressive antibiotic therapies, the mortality rate of foals that develop Rhodococcus equi pneumonia remains high, underscoring the need for new treatment strategies. No effective preventive vaccines currently are available and the increasing emergence of antibiotic-resistant strains of R. equi has further complicated disease management. Researchers will compare standard-of-care antibiotics to novel antimicrobial compounds and identify a more efficacious medication combination. Researchers also will develop an aerosolized, nanoparticle system for their new drug strategy to improve multi-drug delivery, treatment success, and survival of foals with R. equi pneumonia.


INVESTIGATOR: Dr. Carolyn L. Cannon, Texas A&M University Health Science Center