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Curbing tumor growth and chemotherapy resistance in canine

Summary: Researchers will investigate how metabolic processes affect tumor growth and chemotherapy resistance in dogs with hemangiosarcoma and ways to block or disrupt these processes.

Description: Hemangiosarcoma is an aggressive and almost uniformly fatal cancer of dogs. Researchers uncovered evidence that a common cellular signaling pathway is associated with aggressive hemangiosarcoma tumor growth and chemotherapy resistance. Signaling pathways are coordinated chemical activities in a cell that collectively control one or more cell functions. Abnormal activation of signals often trigger or facilitate the development of diseases, including cancer. Researchers will investigate how signaling pathways contribute to hemangiosarcoma growth, and if existing drugs can interrupt the process to reduce tumor growth and chemotherapy resistance. Finding a new approach to treat canine hemangiosarcoma is a vital step in improving survival rates in dogs with this aggressive cancer. 


INVESTIGATOR: Dr. Erin B. Dickerson, University of Minnesota

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The Aura McConnell Foundation, Inc.
CTW Foundation
Australian Shepherd Health and Genetics Institute
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