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Creating a New Tool to Study Wound Healing

Superficial leg wounds, especially below the knee, are common in horses and cannot be closed via suture. The healing process can be lengthy and often is complicated by the formation of exuberant granulation tissue (EGT), also known as “proud flesh.” EGT is characterized by excessive tissue growth that impedes skin healing and can lead to extensive scarring, discomfort and even chronic lameness. Although EGT is a common problem, little is known about the cellular biology of equine skin. Few models exist to study this wound healing complication. Researchers will develop an EGT model using equine skin explants grown under laboratory culture conditions. This new model will help researchers study equine wound healing and develop novel therapies to treat EGT in affected horses. 

Principal Investigator: John Peroni, DVM, The University of Georgia


Study ID: D17EQ-822