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Assessing Immune Stimulation as a Potential Therapy for Osteosarcoma

Osteosarcoma is the most common bone cancer in dogs. Researchers will evaluate a specific form of immune stimulation that uses toll-like receptors. Stimulating these receptors in immune cells usually enhances anticancer immunity; however, stimulating these receptors in cancer cells could accelerate cancer progression. Thus, stimulating toll-like receptors can provide both positive (immune stimulation) and negative (osteosarcoma progression) effects. This balance has not been thoroughly evaluated in dogs with osteosarcoma, so the researchers will study the biological effects of toll-like receptors in canine osteosarcoma to determine this therapy’s potential use in dogs diagnosed with osteosarcoma.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Timothy M. Fan, University of Illinois

Sponsors: Aura McConnell Foundation, Inc., Flat-coated Retriever Foundation, Rex and Nelle Jackson Foundation, Dr. & Mrs. Martin V. Haspel

Study ID: D14CA-035