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Is Your Cat at Risk?

Many of the most common feline diseases show few, if any, clinical signs but fortunately can be managed if caught early. Routine veterinary visits are critical to early diagnosis and effective treatment of cat ailments. Below are some of the most common diseases based on your cat's age.

Learn more about what MAF is currently doing in these areas through our searchable database of current animal health studies.

 Young (younger than 4 years)

Infectious diseases: panleukopenia (parvovirus), feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), upper
respiratory viruses (herpesvirus and calicivirus)

Parasites: fleas, intestinal worms, heartworm, gastrointestinal diseases

Congenital: heart disease, diaphragmatic hernia

Idiopathic cystitis 
Behavioral disorders

 Middle-aged (4–10 years)


 Urinary stones

 Inflammatory bowel disease

 Heart disease (non-hyperthyroid) 
 Asthma/respiratory diseases

 Liver disease

 Geriatric/Senior (older than 10 years)

Chronic renal failure


 Diabetes mellitus



 Urinary stones