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Veterinary Student Scholars

The Morris Animal Foundation Veterinary Student Scholars Program is a highly competitive program that provides veterinary students the opportunity to become involved in mentored research that enhances the health and welfare of companion animals (dogs, cats, horses, llamas/alpacas and companion exotics) and wildlife. The program is open to currently enrolled veterinary students in good standing from any accredited US college, university or school of veterinary medicine.  Each institution may select and submit only one student project proposal. In addition, 5 grants have been made available for international veterinary student applicants at accredited institutions in 2015-2016, so competition will be very strong for these awards.  

The Veterinary Student Scholars Program awards stipends* up to $5,000 to veterinary students who are selected by their institution to participate in clinical or basic animal health and/or welfare research. Students enrolled in a combined DVM/PhD degree program are not eligible for this program. Students must devote a minimum of 50 percent of their time to the project for the equivalent of a 10- to 12-week period. Submissions must be made online by the academic institution for review by Morris Animal Foundation. Morris Animal Foundation encourages each institution to select and submit the very strongest student project based on scientific merit, relevance to animal health and adherence to Morris Animal Foundation’s guidelines and mission.

If live animals (including client-owned animals) are involved in the project, the institution must provide assurance that the research project complies with Morris Animal Foundation’s Health Study Policy for Animals Involved in Research and has Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) approval.

Click here for the Veterinary Student Scholars Program Guidelines

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Click here for the Veterinary Student Scholars Online Application