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Purchase Feline SNP Chip Arrays

Online Application Instructions for Purchase of Feline SNP Chip Arrays

General Information

Application/Proposal Guidelines

To submit a proposal application to Morris Animal Foundation, please read these directions carefully:

To start a NEW online application, click on the link under number 1 below. You will be taken to MAF’s online application form. You will need to set up an account (unless you already have an account).

NOTE: Once you have started your online application, you will be given the option to save it and finish later. Please see number 2 below when you are ready to continue the application. The first link will only work if you are starting a NEW online application. If the NEW online application link is accessed more than once, you will be creating more than one online application.

In the event that you inadvertently create more than one application, multiple applications will be shown on your account page (see number 2 below). Please delete all but the most recent application and select this latest version to continue your current application.

  1. Start a NEW online proposal application:
    Purchase Feline SNP Chip Arrays
  2. CONTINUE (modify/change) an EXISTING (in process) online proposal application:
    Account Page

NOTE: The above links will “redirect” to a host website and as a result cannot be added as a “bookmark” or a “favorite” in your web browser.