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Your partnership can change the future.

Morris Animal Foundation prides itself on the quality of our partners and sponsors. Together, we are changing the course of veterinary medicine and making the world a brighter place for animals.

Strong partners have enabled us to increase our health research funding by 45 percent in just five years. To continue to grow and fulfill our mission, we need partners who understand that investing in Morris Animal Foundation is the best way to invest in the future of animal health.

Why should you partner with Morris Animal Foundation?

Today’s consumers (including pet owners) want to support socially responsible companies. What better way for your organization to make a statement about your commitment to animal health than forming a partnership with a global leader in animal health? With your partnership, you can:

Increase your visibility.  Morris Animal Foundation regularly communicates with tens of thousands of pet owners who are highly educated and passionate about animals and animal health.

Demonstrate your commitment to animals. Not only can you tell consumers you are dedicated to the health of their animals by the products and services you offer, but you can also show your dedication to animals by supporting research into the next diagnostics, treatments and cures.

Get insight into the latest research.
One of the benefits to a partnership with Morris Animal Foundation is access to study updates and reports. With R&D budgets continuing to decrease, this is a win-win for all parties.

Improve veterinary practice. Your commitment will advance veterinary medicine for companion animals and wildlife.

Make a wise investment. Your partnership dollars will be well spent. Not only do we deliver on the best science but we are tremendous stewards for our donors.