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Studying How Mast Cell Tumors Become Malignant

Mast cell tumors are the most common skin tumor in dogs, and they are often fatal. Unfortunately, identifying the tumors likely to become malignant is challenging because little is known about how mast cells transform from benign to malignant. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small non–protein-coding RN As involved in the initiation and progression of cancer in humans. Researchers will analyze expression of miRNAs associated with aggressive mast cell disease and begin to define how they may promote aggressive progression of tumors in dogs. This will help veterinarians better determine the prognosis for dogs with these tumors and more effectively treat them.

Dr. Cheryl A. London, Ohio State University

Co-sponsors: Blue Buffalo Foundation; Cheryl Wagner; The Flat-Coated Retriever Foundation; Ms. Ann Campbell; Cheryl Sedestrom; Portuguese Water Dog Foundation; Anonymous, in memory of Shelby; Anonymous, for Grover (alive and cured);The Bearded Collie Club of America Charitable Trust