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UTF 6.15.17 Riley Blog

A Chance to Change Cancer Treatment

Finding out your dog has cancer is a devastating experience for many pet owners. If you also happen to be a veterinarian, emotions collide as you find yourself in the position of both owner and doctor, like Dr. Joe Schmidt and his wife, Sue.

June 15, 2017

UTF 6.8.17 Cat Cancer

Catching Cancer in Cats

Although we tend to think of viruses causing diseases like the flu or common cold, it’s becoming increasingly clear that viruses have strong links to certain cancers, both in people and animals. Nowhere is this more obvious than in cats, where cancer-causing viruses have been recognized for decades.

June 8, 2017

6.5.17 Maf UTF Blog

Dedicated to Finding Cures and Saving Lives

For Marla, being a participant in the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study is a labor of love – love for Snickers and for the dogs she’s lost. Snickers, who also is a therapy dog, is a hero in her eyes, as are all the dogs enrolled in the study.

June 5, 2017