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For Researchers

Good science leads to good animal health.

Good science is at the heart of Morris Animal Foundation’s mission. We greatly appreciate our long-standing partnership with the veterinary research community. Thanks to the work of committed researchers, the world is a better, healthier place for animals.

Grant Criteria

Studies are chosen on the basis of a rigorous set of criteria, including:

Grant Guidelines

Below guidelines are for reference only, all proposals must be submitted using the online application accessible during a specific call for proposals

Receiving a foundation grant is a highly competitive process and depends on the amount of available funding, the number of proposals for a given health issue or animal, and donor interest. Grant proposals are accepted for small companion animals (dogs and cats), large companion animals (horses and llamas/alpacas) and wildlife. Proposals can be submitted online only. Click on the type of grant you are interested in on the left for specific submission requirements and deadlines.