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Save Halloween and Help Save the Bats!

Morris Animal Foundation is partnering with ZuPreem to help save bats from fatal disease

In 2006, a mysterious and deadly disease known as white-nose syndrome began rapidly spreading throughout North America. Since then, the devastating illness has wiped out more than 6 million bats. This disease, which originated from Europe, came to the United States and affects bats during their hibernation.


This fungal disease doesn’t seem to be an issue when bats are active and awake; their bodies tend to fight it off. Only when hibernating does this deadly affliction take their lives. But bats need to hibernate. If left unaddressed, this condition threatens to take out several of North America’s most precious—and environmentally critical—bats species.

Morris Animal Foundation has been funding research on white-nose syndrome since the disease first appeared on this continent. Not many people know about white-nose syndrome, except for those who are working to save them, such as bat conservation groups.

In order to raise awareness and support for this research, Morris Animal Foundation is partnering with ZuPreem, a leader in animal health nutrition, in a social media campaign to help save the bats. For every ‘Like’ Morris Animal Foundation receives on its Facebook page, leading up to Halloween, ZuPreem will donate $1 (up to a $5,000). Along with this movement, Morris Animal Foundation is asking for donations to help fund animal science research.

Many people may see bats as scary, dangerous creatures. However, these gentle animals are, in fact, a vital part of our society and as nature’s insect repellant, they save the agricultural industry at least $23 billion dollars each year, according to one study.

But what can you do to help save bats and Halloween? Make a donation to Morris Animal Foundation today and help fund animal health science that is fighting back against this terrible disease.

After all, what is Halloween without bats?

To learn more about white-nose syndrome you can visit

Posted by MAF on October 17, 2012.

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Submitted by Louise Berry at: October 28, 2012
Bat protection is so important for these wonderful creatures.
Submitted by Louise Berry at: October 28, 2012
We must do as much as we can to protect bats.
Submitted by Giulia Castriotta at: October 27, 2012
I love bats!
Submitted by barbara ito at: October 26, 2012
bats r useful in the Nature pls let's protect them!