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Partnership Update: NatureStage, Inc.

One Language Project Helps Tell Stories Of Animals Around The World

Animals provide unconditional companionship and loyalty, and are also a crucial component of the world’s ecosystem. Morris Animal Foundation, a world leader in helping animals by investing in the most relevant and impactful science to advance animal health and welfare for dogs, cats, horses, llamas and wildlife, thrives to partner with the groups that align with and help to spread its mission. Recently, the Foundation partnered with NatureStage Inc., a non-profit arts organization that explores relationships with species around the world through its One Language Project. Through this new partnership NatureStage has created images to help tell Morris Animal Foundation’s story through the eyes of the animals.  

The One Language Project is an expanding and ongoing installation of animal photographic portraits by Miranda Loud for corporate and public spaces with audio, video or written reflections by the people who know and love the animals well. Each story describes what the animal has taught them about life, and what emotions they have recognized that highlight the one language we humans share with so many other species.

Naturestage was founded on the belief that the arts can and must serve a central role in reconnecting people with nature and celebrating the intricate interdependence that sustains our planet,” said Miranda Loud, artistic director and founder of NatureStage, Inc. “Our collaboration with Morris Animal Foundation will not only help tell the story of the animals the Foundation serves, but will show that the ongoing need to fund veterinary science is critical to the well-being of these species.”

As a Foundation, Morris Animal Foundation strives to balance the knowledge they have gained over the past 66 years with the groundbreaking findings of current research in order to give back to the animals we care for and cherish.

Morris Animal Foundation is thankful for its many partners around the world especially those that help showcase and advance our understanding of animals,” said Diane Brown, DVM, PhD, DACVP and Chief Scientific Officer for Morris Animal Foundation. “The work that Miranda and her team have produced for our Foundation is truly heartfelt and meaningful, and we look forward to sharing this art with our supporters.”

Animals continue to make the world a better place; to learn more about NatureStage and the One Language Project, visit

By Tina M. Martinez
Photo Caption: Meet Henry (photo by Miranda Loud, for the One Language Project).

December 17, 2014