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Morris Animal Foundation Celebrates National Zookeeper Week

National Zookeepers Week is July 15-20 and zoos across the country are celebrating it in a variety of different ways. The week is dedicated to honoring the approximately 7,000 animal care professionals across the country and the work they do in animal care, conservation and education.

Here at Morris Animal Foundation, we know how vital this community is in creating a healthier tomorrow for animals. In fact, Morris Animal Foundation has been funding animal health research at zoos for decades.

Our studies have ranged from evaluating dietary needs of pandas to determining the cause of poor reproduction in endangered African elephants, among others. We also believe that fostering the next generation of zoo and wildlife professionals is critical and have worked with the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians to help advance post-graduate research.

Examples of other research we have funded at zoos include:

As a leader in funding research to advance animal health, Morris Animal Foundation is proud to be a part of such a community and sends its gratitude to all the passionate zookeepers and other members of the community. 

Posted by MAF on July 20, 2012.

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