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Congratulations to the Top 10 Veterinary Memorial Program Clinics

These veterinary hospitals not only delivered a powerful message through donations and support of animal health research but also showed their devotion to pet owners and their pets.

Veterinary Memorial Program clinics such as these, made donations in memory of their client's pets to recognize the human-animal bond while they built loyalty among their clients.

We thank and admire the success of these hospitals who participate in the veterinary memorial card program!

Morris Animal Foundation cards are a beautiful, appropriate, and caring gesture. When pet owners receive a card from you and the Foundation they are pleased that the hospital took the time and effort to memorialize their beloved pet, and at the same time, they can be proud that the donation made on their pet's behalf will go to fund humane research studies that in turn treat and cure animals.

For more information on the Foundation's Veterinary Memorial Program visit

Congratulations to these participating clinics:

North Portland Veterinary Hospital - Portland, OR

Town & Country Animal Hospital – Normal, IL

Crossroads Animal Hospital, PC - Londonderry, NH

Ingleside Animal Hospital - Phoenix, AZ

Gaithersburg Animal Hospital - Gaithersburg, MD

All Creatures Animal Hospital - Lake Zurich, IL

Northgate Small Animal Hospital - Collinsville, IL

Kuenzi Family Pet Hospital - Waukesha, WI

Cheyenne Pet Clinic - Cheyenne, WY

VCA Firehouse Animal Health Center - Denver, CO

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