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Veterinarians that give back: Dr. Greg Perrault welcomes and educates

By Heather Grimshaw

The waiting room at Cats & Dogs Animal Hospital in Long Beach, California, feels more like a friend’s living room than a hospital waiting room. It’s not just the gourmet treats and free coffee, though that helps, it’s the familial atmosphere set by Dr. Greg Perrault, who bought the practice in 2005.

“We tried to take the clinical aspects away for both the people and the pets,” says Dr. Perrault.

Dr. Perrault, who has worked in many different veterinary environments over his 18-year career—from financially strapped animal shelters to upscale hospitals with Hollywood stars’ pets—recognizes the value of good client communication and emphasizes client education.

“If you elevate pet owner awareness and knowledge of pet diseases, health care overall improves,” says Dr. Perrault.

A strong commitment to animal health is what initially drew Dr. Perrault to Morris Animal Foundation as a veterinary medical school student, and it is why he continues to support the Foundation—by using the memorial card program.

“The more I’ve investigated the Foundation, the more impressed I am,” he says. “It’s an understated Foundation for all the work that’s done.”

Through the memorial card program, veterinarians make a donation in honor of a pet that dies, and the Foundation sends the pet’s family a customized card. Dr. Perrault says clients appreciate the unique acknowledgment of their pet’s life.

“They appreciate the fact that we support this Foundation and that we support research that leads to future cures,” he adds.

Dr. Perrault, who acts as an adviser for the city’s Dog Park Association and a columnist for local papers, also hosts fundraisers at Cats & Dogs Animal Hospital. They are planning a “Yappy Hour,” a play on the traditional happy hour, to benefit Morris Animal Foundation.

“Greg is a model veterinarian,” says Dr. Peter Weinstein, president of the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association. “He is involved with his clients and his practice, he is actively involved with his local association and he dedicates time and energy to animal-related causes in his community. We need more Greg Perraults in our profession.”

We couldn’t agree more, and we’re proud to consider Dr. Perrault one of our partners in advancing pet health today and tomorrow.

Posted by MAFon May 28, 2010.

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Submitted by Frank Clarke at: June 2, 2010
Great aricle and wonderful picture of Dr. Greg. He's a very nice person. Thanks for sharing this with us.