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Selected Publications Resulting from Morris Animal Foundation–funded Research

Levy, J.K., Friary, J.A., Miller, L.A., Tucker, S.J., Fagerstone, K.A. "Long-term Fertility Control in Female Cats with GonaCon™, a GnRH Immunocontraceptive." Theriogenology Online 76 (2011):1517–1525.

Li, J., Birkenhauer, A.J., Marr, J.S., Levy, M.G., Yoder, J.A., Nordone, S.K. “Expression and Function of Triggering Receptor Expressed on Myeloid Cells-1 (TREM-1) on Canine Neutrophils.” Developmental and Comparative Immunology 35 (2011): 872–880. 

Place, N.J., Hansen, B.S., Cheraskin, J.L., Cudney, S.E., Flanders, J.A., Newmark, A.D., Barry, B., Scarlett, J.M. “Measurement of Serum Anti-Müllerian Hormone Concentration in Female Dogs and Cats Before and After Ovariohysterectomy.” Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation 23 (2011): 524-527.

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