New Studies Tackle Cancer and Infectious Diseases in Pets

At the end of June, 10 veterinary scientists gathered around a table at a Denver hotel to review and discuss the merits of 81 scientific research grant proposals—each with the potential to advance veterinary medicine for pets.

Each of these scientists hails from an internationally respected veterinary institution and each is an expert in his or her field. These scientists are volunteers serving four-year terms on Morris Animal Foundation’s Small Animal Scientific Advisory Board, and they help decide which research projects have the most promise to advance the health and welfare of cats and dogs.

Over a three-day period, this select group debated and then recommended 30 studies to receive the $2.5 million that Morris Animal Foundation will invest in new health research for dogs and cats in fiscal year 2014.

The board recommended 11 new feline and 19 new canine health studies to receive our funding. We were pleased to see these studies nearly evenly split between those from established investigators and those that are First Award Grants, Fellowship Training Grants and pilot studies.

Cancer studies took top billing in the canine category while infectious diseases were high priority for cats. We look forward to seeing the progress these studies make toward a brighter future for pets.

Categories: Animal health, Veterinary news, Veterinary research
July 22, 2013