Summer Research Helps Train Veterinary Students for the Future

When Morris Animal Foundation launched its Veterinary Student Scholars Program in 2005, we really didn’t know what to expect from the students who received the first grants. What we got were students like Dr. Aric Frantz, who today is an accomplished scientist at the University of Minnesota. His innovative work with cancer stem cells could significantly change the effectiveness of cancer treatments for pets.

We announce the new crop of veterinary student scholars with great anticipation for what they will do not only this summer but in the years to come. There’s no doubt these students are the future of veterinary medicine.

The 2013 award recipients:

Auburn University: Blake DeWitt
Colorado State University
: Jeret Benson
Cornell University:
Lauren Bookbinder
Iowa State University
: Weston Brown
Kansas State University
: Morgan Matile
Louisiana State University
: Megan Partyka
Michigan State University
: Samantha Dawson
Mississippi State University
: Blair Snively
North Carolina State University
: Eva Frantz
Ohio State University
: Katherine McHenry
Oklahoma State University
: Jennifer Ladd
Oregon State University
: Ashley Runey and Lindsy Norton-Miller (co-investigators)
Purdue University
: Apryl Pagliaro
Texas A&M University
: Anastasia Koinis
Tufts University
: Aliza Gentili-Lloyd
Tuskegee University:
Charles Hewett
University of California–Davis
: Kelsey Seitz
University of Florida
: Sara Ferguson
University of Georgia:
Amie Goedeke
University of Illinois
: Kathryn Maltry
University of Minnesota
: Peter Sebastian
University of Missouri
: Michael Fink
University of Pennsylvania:
Anne Staudenmaier
University of Tennessee
: Caroline Brown
University of Wisconsin
: Amanda Samson
Virginia Tech
: Maria Romano
Washington State University
: Melissa Steinmetz
Western University of Health Sciences
: Natalie Nguyen

Since its inception, the Morris Animal Foundation Veterinary Student Scholars Program has given more than 350 grants to students from more than 50 different colleges and universities in 15 countries. Many former students in this program have since pursued research careers at zoos, veterinary colleges and animal health and conservation organizations.

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July 26, 2013