Gold Star for Dr. Jensen

When Dr. Tracey Jensen opened Wellington Veterinary Clinic in Colorado with her husband, Dr. Wayne Jensen, in 1999, she couldn’t have known where it would lead.

Thirteen years later, this team earned the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) Practice of the Year Award. That very same year, Dr. Tracey Jensen enrolled her first client dog in the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. At the time, Dr. Wayne Jensen was the chief scientific officer at Morris Animal Foundation, the nonprofit organization leading the study.

The common factors don’t end there. Dr. Tracey Jensen is no stranger to Retrievers herself, although she favors a different color and type. However, her preference for black Labrador Retrievers hasn’t stopped her from participating in the study with six dedicated Golden Retriever owners; yet another client is waiting to complete study requirements.

You might recognize Dr. Jensen, also the AAHA vice president, as the face of the study’s recruitment efforts in our promotional videos. When asked about her passion for the study and the breed, she says, “Golden Retrievers, their families and their veterinarians have a unique opportunity to help unlock the secrets of many ailments, including cancer. Cancer in dogs and cancer in people have many parallels. The cure for cancer is prevention and that starts here.”  

An avid rock climber, Dr. Jensen understands the rewards of reaching the summit. The summit in this case is reaching 3,000 dogs enrolled. She encourages veterinary professionals to join this lifesaving endeavor for dogs and people. This study can't happen without the support and participation of veterinarians, so enroll your patients today!

Categories: Veterinary news
March 26, 2014