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Firehouse Animal Health Centers Celebrates Human-Animal Bond

Firehouse Animal Health Centers Celebrates Human-Animal Bond, Invests in Veterinary Medicine with Morris Animal Foundation Memorial Card

As chief medical officer for a growing veterinary hospital group in Denver, Colo., Dr. Jed Rogers recognizes the need for high-quality animal health research and timely data, which is one reason he supports Morris Animal Foundation (MAF).

For more than 61 years, the Denver-based nonprofit has funded animal health studies that provide veterinarians worldwide with tools to treat, cure and protect their patients.

“MAF is a valuable professional resource for health issues that concern us,” says Rogers, who has donated regularly on behalf of Firehouse Animal Health Centers since 2004. “We deal with complicated cases and are always searching for answers,” he adds. “Having research information at our fingertips is a big benefit.”

Firehouse Animal Health Centers support animal health studies by participating in the Foundation’s veterinary memorial card program. For a minimum $10 each, MAF sends memorial cards on behalf of Firehouse Animal Health Centers to clients who have lost beloved pets.

The cards are customized with the name of a special pet, pet parents and veterinarians involved in medical care. In addition to supporting animal health research around the world, these special pet sympathy cards celebrate the lives of special patients.

“Everyone feels just a bit better knowing that research can lead to new cures,” says Patricia Olson, DVM, PhD, president and CEO of MAF. “There is comfort in supporting scientists who diligently seek cures to the diseases that harm our loved ones.”

Each year, Firehouse co-sponsors MAF studies that reflect the needs of their patients, or support needs in the community. This year, the team will support a study to address animal cruelty and one that looks at feline kidney disease. Last year two feline health studies were selected.

“One thing we believe strongly is that cats in general are underrepresented when it comes to medical care,” says Rogers.

All of the MAF-funded research goes through a rigorous review process led by one of three scientific advisory boards. The end goal is to help veterinarians care for their patients.

“This Foundation was created by a veterinarian, and our mission is to provide new tools to veterinarians,” says Olson. “We appreciate veterinarians like Dr. Rogers and his colleagues at Firehouse Animal Health Centers, who help us explore new medical frontiers for animals.”

Learn more about MAF pet sympathy cards online.

Posted by MAFon October 30, 2009.

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