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Big heart, small practice

By Alex Jimenez

Mark Twain once said, “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” Twain wasn’t just talking about dogs, of course, but the description sure is a fitting one for pet owners looking for a veterinary practice to fit their needs.

Any veterinary practice—be it large or small—can offer the best of everything: a personalized touch, state-of-the-art facilities and advanced care. That means owners can find what they are looking for and what they feel fits their pets needs.

Katy Trail Animal Hospital is one of those little dogs that brings a lot of fight. Although considered small, the Dallas-based animal hospital boasts the advanced treatment facilities found in large specialty hospitals, and the staff’s forwardthinking philosophy toward animal health is exemplified by their support of Morris Animal Foundation and by their attention to feline health.

Founding veterinarian Dr. Colleen Murray wants Katy Trail’s furry friends, particularly cats, to benefit from a comforting environment. The clinic makes special accommodations to keep these pets stress free.

In each exam room, the tables have wall cubbies for feline patients to get comfortable before or after the exam. For extended boarding, cats stay in what are more like pods than cages, with individual sleeping, feeding and bathroom compartments. Before each cat’s arrival, the cages are sprayed with pheromones specifically designed for stress relief. To top it off, the cats get to listen to classical music.

“Dr. Murray designed this hospital with kitties in mind,” observes administrative assistant Debbie Bumbard. Thus, it was only fitting that, as one of the first veterinary practices to co-sponsor a Morris Animal Foundation–funded study, Katy Trail chose to sponsor a groundbreaking University of California–Davis study that is investigating how shelter housing affects the most common and costly feline diseases.

The research has even led to a new cage design that is beginning to be implemented in shelters across the world.

Not surprisingly, the new cages are not much different from those at Katy Trail. All in all, Katy Trail Animal Hospital is a great example of how a small practice can provide outstanding care on a local level while also expanding its mission beyond it walls and helping to make a difference in animal health all over the world. Morris Animal Foundation is proud to have Katy Trail as one of its first co-sponsoring clinics.

Posted by MAFon February 21, 2012.

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