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Big clinic offers big benefits

A quick visit to North Portland Veterinary Hospital (NPVH) shows all the signs of a happy, healthy veterinary practice. It’s warm and welcoming, full of engaging doctors and staff and offers a full range of small animal services from surgery to dental work, general treatment and more. This large practice, owned and managed by Dr. Don McCoy, isn’t just your typical animal clinic though.

With 10 doctors with degrees from nine different veterinary schools, including Purdue University, Colorado State University, Texas A&M University and Liverpool University, NPVH stands among the few practices that are able to mesh a team of veterinarians with such varying backgrounds and still maintain a personal and professional feel.

“We are one great big family,” says office manager Sherri Penner, who has been with the hospital for more than 20 years. “We get along amazingly well for a staff of over 45 people. It is a testament to Don and Melinda McCoy [office bookkeeper] and how the business is run.”

Dr. McCoy points out that the benefits of having such a cooperative and diverse staff are seen in the exam room as well.

“Each doctor brings their own individual strengths to the team, but together we all contribute to the same goal—creating the best possible experience for both the owner and pet,” says Dr. McCoy.

Recently, Dr. McCoy and his practice were honored for ongoing support of Morris Animal Foundation. NPVH was the top clinic user of the Foundation’s Veterinary Memorial Card Program in 2010. The memorial card program allows veterinarians to make a donation in honor of a recently deceased pet, and the Foundation sends a customized card to the pet’s family notifying them of the memorial gift. The donation funds research that could potentially find a cure for the very same disease that took the animal’s life. Dr. McCoy believes the card program helps his clinic build the kind of personal client relationships that have made the practice a success.

“The program really helps create a genuine bond with our clients during a tough time,” Dr. McCoy adds.

Dr. McCoy has been a long-time supporter of Morris Animal Foundation even beyond the memorial card program. He is a big fan of the Foundation’s founder and namesake, Dr. Mark L. Morris Sr., and he often shares the Foundation’s inspirational beginning with colleagues and associates.

The Foundation is proud to have Dr. McCoy and his diverse team as partners and friends in helping to create a healthier tomorrow for animals.

Posted by MAFon May 18, 2011.

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