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Preventing Worm-Related Illnesses and Deaths in Camelids

Study results:

Gastrointestinal parasites are a leading cause of disease in llamas and alpacas. Resistance to de-wormer medications is thought to be prevalent, making worm-related illnesses, such as anemia and deaths, an increasing problem. With MAF funding, scientists studied hundreds of llamas and alpacas in the southeastern states and determined there is a very high prevalence of worm populations resistant to current medications. They also validated that the use of the FAMACHA eye color chart can be accurately used in llamas and alpacas to diagnose anemia. The need for further research into proper dosing of de-wormer medications specifically for llamas and alpacas is critical in preventing worm-related illnesses and deaths.

Posted by MAFon August 20, 2009.

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Submitted by Jan van Wyk at: June 8, 2010
I'm writing a review of use of FAMACHA in domecticated ruminants, including camelids. Do you perhaps have references to its use, that you could supply me with ? Best wishes Jan