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Llamas & Alpacas

Researchers offer new hope for deadly brain worms

July 17, 2015

It may sound like something right out of a horror film, but brain worms are very real.

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Did You Know… Genetics Research Will Improve Alpaca Health

May 30, 2014

Did you know that alpacas were domesticated in South America thousands of years ago? These gentle, friendly herd animals are part of the camelid family, which also includes camels, llamas, vicuña and guanacos.

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Study Shows High Prevalence of Anemia-Causing Parasite in South American Camelids

July 17, 2012 MAF

Mycoplasma haemolamae is a bacterium that attaches to red blood cells and causes anemia in South American camelids. A recently developed blood test for diagnosing infection indicates that some infected animals do not show clinical signs of anemia.

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Tests Prove Limitations of Deworming Drugs for Camelids

July 8, 2011 MAF

Many llamas and alpacas suffer from sometimes fatal worm-related illnesses because they receive ineffective doses of dewormer medications that are based on doses given to other species, such as sheep and cattle.

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Research in Action

June 7, 2011 MAF

Alpacas can suffer from bacterial infections, such as pneumonia, peritonitis, sepsis and uterine and dental infection, that require long-term antibiotic therapy; however, there is currently a lack of information about effective drugs to treat these infections.

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Markers to Help Trace Genetic Defects

February 2, 2010 MAF

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Preventing Worm-Related Illnesses and Deaths in Camelids

August 20, 2009 MAF

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Safe and Effective Pain Relief Tailored for Llamas and Alpacas

August 19, 2009 MAF

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