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Season of Hope: Meet Dr. Zimmerman

A Craze for Horses Leads to Passion for Improving Their Health

“I was born horse crazy—and just a little dog crazy,” says Dr. Sarah Zimmerman, Morris Animal Foundation donor, Lamplighter legacy society member and animal lover.

Though she was too young to remember the incident, Dr. Zimmerman’s parents told her that she went nuts the first time she was put on a pony at the local amusement park. This resulted in weekly visits to the park.  

Her love for horses became more focused after reading The Black Stallion by Walter Farley, and Arabians became her passion.

Dr. Zimmerman’s desire to own a horse drove her career path into biochemistry, later specializing in immunochemistry/immunology. Later, her professional interest within the health field combined with her love for animals drew her to our work at Morris Animal Foundation. She’s been helping us improve animal health for more than 16 years and believes that supporting the Foundation’s mission is one of the best things animal lovers can do over the long-term for animals.  

Over the years, Dr. Zimmerman has owned—and been owned by—a number of animals, including three Arabian horses and five German Shepherds. She currently has one 28-year-old Arabian mare, and new to her household, a 3-year-old German Shepherd.

This Season of Hope, Dr. Zimmerman has a wish for more funding to be available to help her beloved horses in the areas of colic, laminitis and Cushing’s disease. For her canine companions, she is hopeful for additional research in the areas of cancer, arthritis and degenerative myelopathy. She has dealt with each of these health-related issues firsthand while caring for her own animals.

This smart, compassionate woman got it right when she said: “I’ll always believe in the work of Morris Animal Foundation. Who can be against finding answers to animal health issues?”

That’s what the Season of Hope is all about: finding answers to provide all animals with the gift of a lifetime of good health. Please consider helping us provided a hopeful tomorrow for all animals.

We thank Dr. Zimmerman for her lifelong commitment to enhancing the quality of life of not only her own animals but of animals everywhere. As animal lovers ourselves, we don’t think her passion for horses is crazy at all.

By: Leslie Hansen

Categories: Animal welfare
November 24, 2014