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Safer Drug for Pain Relief in Horses with Intestinal Injuries

Flunixin is a drug commonly used to provide much needed pain relief in horses with colic, but the drug also inhibits intestinal healing. Scientists from North Carolina State University studied a new pain-relief drug, robenacoxib, and found that it does not interfere with intestinal healing. Also, unlike flunixin, robenacoxib does not increase the permeability (leakiness) of the injured intestine. This suggests that robenacoxib will reduce the passage of harmful pathogens, including bacteria, across the intestine, thereby minimizing complications. This fellowship training grant provided a veterinarian with advanced training in preparation for a research career and has provided opportunities for two undergraduates and three veterinary students to become involved in equine research. (D08EQ-408)

Posted by MAFon June 21, 2011.

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Submitted by Brenda M. at: October 18, 2012
Hi, Great article! I have found that safe pain relief is hard to come by for horses. My horse hasn't had intestinal problems, but she has recovered from arthritis quite a bit after we put her on yucca joint supplements. Not sure if that's relevant to anyone else, but I know I was pleased when I found out about yucca's healing effects. - this is where we buy ours. Works like a charm!