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Ways to Help After Disaster In Japan

When news spread last week about the devastation in Japan, each of us at Morris Animal Foundation felt deeply for the hundreds of thousands of lives threatened, both human and animal. Our deepest sympathies and condolences go out to all of those affected by this horrible tragedy.

We’ve received many calls asking how the Foundation may be helping in Japan. Because our mission is focused on improving animal health through research, we aren’t currently funding disaster-related studies. However, our Betty White Wildlife Fund directs funding to wildlife health studies.

Some generous donors have chosen to give to the Foundation in remembrance of those lost from this natural disaster. We will continue to invest in research that will create a happier, healthier tomorrow for animals.

Almost all of the focus in Japan right now is on saving human lives. Shortly we can expect to see the Japanese government also include animal rescue in their efforts. Our friends at the American Humane Association and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) have geared up to save animal lives in Japan. The HSUS and HSUS International have deployed teams outside of the disaster area and have offered help through other agencies who have been called in. American Humane’s Red Star Animal Emergency team is ready to deploy when they receive an invitation from the responsible government/agency in Japan. It is the policy of legitimate animal welfare organizations to not deploy without a formal invitation from the responsible government/agency.

Here is a list of other reputable organizations that are working to help animals affected by the disaster.

Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support: This is a coalition of three groups—HEART-Tokushima, Animal Garden Niigata and Japan Cat Network. They are working to keep animal rescue on the agenda, provide shelter space and coordinate some earthquake/tsunami animal rescues.

Animal Refuge Kansai: The organization says it has facilities in place and a team of experienced staff able to deal with traumatized animals.

World Vets: Preparing the deployment of a first-responder team to carry out an “on the ground” assessment and provide initial aid.

Join the Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support Facebook page to support animal rescue efforts.

Whichever organization you decide to support, we animal lovers at Morris Animal Foundation thank you.

Posted by MAFon March 21, 2011.

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