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Unite to Fight Pet Cancer: Your Gift Makes the Difference

Thank you to all our donors for your generosity during our Unite to Fight Pet Cancer Campaign, which ended on June 30. Your gifts will support pet cancer studies at leading institutions around the world, helping veterinary researchers push for more answers and find more solutions to the broad range of diseases we call cancer.

A special thank you, as well, to the Blue Buffalo Foundation, which provided a matching gift of $50,000. That means your gift was matched dollar for dollar, up to $50,000, to double the impact of your giving.

Too often, we hear from our donors about a special pet they have lost to cancer – and every pet lost is one pet too many. At Morris Animal Foundation, we are determined to protect the health of animals by finding treatments and, hopefully, one day cures for the many cancers that impact the lives of the animals we love. Every pet deserves a long, healthy life and your donations are making a difference.

What is the impact of your gift? Here are a few things you’re helping:

It wasn’t too long ago when little was known about how to treat cancer in pets. In the last few decades, research has exploded and today we have new ways to diagnose malignancies earlier and new treatments that improve the quality of life for pets living with cancer.  Morris Animal Foundation has invested $34 million in more than 300 cancer studies. We have made progress, but with nearly 100 types of pet cancers, there is still so much more work to be done.

You can still make a donation to support our pet cancer research efforts. Together, we are making a difference in the fight against pet cancer and creating a healthier today and tomorrow for the special animals in our lives. Thank you!

June 29, 2017