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Science has the power to change the world

By Allen Byrne

Beginning with a vision

When Dr. Mark Morris Sr. established Morris Animal Foundation in 1948, he envisioned a world in which scientific discoveries would lead to healthy lives for animals. His dream began with Buddy, one of the first guide dogs in the United States, who was suffering from kidney failure.

Dr. Morris developed a healthy, nutritious dog food that significantly improved Buddy’s health and slowed the progression of the disease. High demand from the veterinary community led to commercial production of the diet, and Dr. Morris was able to use the royalties to establish Morris Animal Foundation.

Since that time, the Foundation has become the global leader in supporting scientific research that advances veterinary medicine. We’ve invested more than $70 million toward more than 2,000 studies that have led to better preventions, diagnostic tools, treatment protocols and even cures for what ails the world’s animals. Some of these breakthroughs have become industry gold standards and are used in every veterinary practice in the country.

“We believe animals play a critical role in our society, and we couple that with the belief that good science will take us to a better place tomorrow."
- David Haworth, DVM, PhD, Foundation President/CEO

Funding science today

To ensure that the most effective science is being practiced worldwide, Morris Animal Foundation draws on the expertise of the brightest and most experienced veterinarians and scientists to advise us on our funding.

These scientific advisory boards (wildlife, small companion animal and large companion animal) meet annually to recommend projects for funding and ensure that projects meet the utmost standards
in terms of scientific merit, relevance, innovation and adherence to animal ethics.

Board members volunteer their time to review each grant. They provide a truly indescribable value to the Foundation—and one that helps us ensure that we take an unbiased approach to study selection.

“Scientific advisory board members take two to three weeks out of their busy years to review all of the grant proposals that the Foundation receives,” says Dr. David Haworth, Foundation president and CEO. “It’s an extensive process. They take it seriously, and the quality shows.”

At any given time, Morris Animal Foundation manages more than 300 animal health studies across diverse topics.

Hope for tomorrow

For more than 64 years, Morris Animal Foundation has been instrumental in providing funding for animal health research. As 2013 approaches, Morris Animal Foundation will continue to fund the important science animals need but will also be on the front lines of scientific discovery through the Canine Lifetime Health Project.

Posted by MAF on October 12, 2012.

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