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Making the future healthier for animals

For Andrea and Vincent Conti it’s not only love for their golden retriever, Gemma, that connects them to Morris Animal Foundation; it’s a love of science. Andrea has her master’s degree in nursing, and Vincent is a cardiac surgeon on the faculty at the University of Texas Medical Branch. That scientific background is what drew them to Morris Animal Foundation’s Golden Retriever Lifetime Study.

“Gemma’s involvement in the study is really important to us, and we want to share our excitement with others who may never have heard of the study,” said Andrea, who lives in Galveston, Texas. “She’s our seventh golden retriever – and we’ve lost too many before her to cancer. We want to help make a difference.”

The end of the year is often a time for reflection on things accomplished, and those awaiting our attention, including how we can each make a difference throughout the year in the lives of animals. Each year, our message to you, our many friends is the same - your contributions make the groundbreaking research we fund possible. Period. We couldn’t do it without you.

But we also know that our work is far from over. Like so many others, the Conti’s would like to be part of solving the riddle of cancer. For cat lovers, they want answers and new treatments for kidney disease, diabetes, cancer and more. And the list goes on for horses and wildlife, too.

Our grants help save animal lives each and every year. However, the need is great, and growing. New challenges arise even as old foes are vanquished. For every cat saved by the feline leukemia vaccine we had a hand in developing, a new infectious disease, such as feline norovirus, claims another victim.

In spite of the challenges, we are resolute in our commitment to fight for the animals we love; the Foundation remains committed to improving the health of animals through science. It’s our mission, and we live it every day.

The good news is that we’re not in this alone. The Foundation has some of the most caring, dedicated and passionate partners in the world – our donors.

Our donors are as varied as the animals we care about but they have one thing in common – they love and care about the animals who share this fragile planet with us. And they want to improve the lives of all the crazy jumble of creatures who not only help sustain the earth but enrich our lives and enhance our well-being.

Disease, illness and extinction don’t have to be the future for the animals we love.

Thanks to generous donors and supporters of Morris Animal Foundation, from now through December 31, 2017, your gift will be matched dollar for dollar up to $217,000 dollars, doubling the impact of your donation. Your money will be put to work to help fund the development of diagnostic tools, vaccines, new drug therapies and life-saving surgical techniques for animals. 

Thank you for your support, and please consider renewing your gift today, or making a new gift to help the animals with whom we are fortunate enough to share this planet.

December 28, 2017