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Make Summer Safe for Our Pets

For pet owners, summer has always been a time to get outdoors and enjoy nature—especially in our own backyards. Playing ball, walking and simply sitting in the warm sun with our animals are all part of summer's fun. Unfortunately, summer is also a time when our pets are more likely to pick up dangerous diseases that have the potential to make animals very ill or even cause their deaths. Among these are heartworm that infects dogs and cats and tick-borne Cytauxzoon felis that kills domestic cats. With your help and generous gifts, MAF supports research dedicated to understanding and ultimately ending these devastating diseases of summer. Visit our studies section to learn more about MAF's research into infectious diseases.

Posted by MAFon May 12, 2010.

Categories: Animal health, Cat health, Dog health


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Submitted by derek morgan at: May 22, 2010
like to know what i can use to spay my back yard to kill any fleas & keep them away ?