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Lions, tigers and rhinos in AnimalNews 16.4

Spillover diseases is our lead story in the newest edition of AnimalNews, where you can keep up to date on the latest Morris Animal Foundation research and success stories. You’ll learn about the studies your gifts are helping to fund, along with updates on many of our programs, including the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study.

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The Perils of Spillover – Spillover is a phenomenon where a virus or other pathogen moves from one species to another, and it is a growing problem in both people and animals. We focus on spillover disease in Siberian tigers in this article, as well as highlight the problem in African lions, Darwin’s fox, and mountain gorillas.

Your Gifts in Action – Improved cancer surgery for cats and dogs, treatment of cranial cruciate ligament damage in dogs, a muscle disorder in Arabian horses, and health care for black rhinos are all highlighted in this edition’s review of the impacts your gifts are having on animals today.

Golden Retriever Lifetime Study – Check out the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study update to learn some interesting facts about the 3,000+ dogs enrolled in our study, including how many dogs get their teeth brushed!

A Life of Service to Animals – Jo Ann Manigold, of Brownwood, Texas, finds it hard to say no to any animal in need. Her kind heart and desire to make a difference has saved the lives of many animals, including those impacted by her donations to the Foundation.

John Paul Pet Celebrates the Season – If you’re looking for a special gift that can benefit Morris Animal Foundation, John Paul Pet is offering two giving opportunities through their Share the Holidays promotion and their PALS program.

K9 Cancer Walks – Are you interested in taking a step to fight canine cancer? Join us for a cancer walk in your area. If you don’t live near one of our walks, you can walk “virtually” in our June 11 Virtual K9 Cancer Walk.

Season of Hope Gift Match Learn how your gift will be doubled during our Season of Hope gift match, now through the end of the year. We hope you will consider Morris Animal Foundation as you make your gift decisions this year, and help us save the lives of animals around the world.

Thank you for all that you do!

December 19, 2016