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Keeping Your Pets Safe and Healthy During a Natural Disaster

With natural disasters seemingly popping up left and right, it’s important that all pet owners take the necessary precautions to keep their animals safe and healthy, especially in the case of an evacuation.

Follow these tips to make sure you are prepared:

  • Have a crate or pet taxi.
  • Take a printout of the animal's rabies and vaccination records. Hotels that accept pets require these documents.
  • Pack enough food, water, and medication for each pet to survive at least seven days.
  • Use pet tranquilizers or mood stabilizers if needed. Animals are sensitive to extreme change. Ask a local veterinarian for more information on what options are available. 
  • Take toys, treats, beds, cleanup supplies, and other comfort items the pet is familiar with to help keep them calm.
  • Have a pet disaster kit in the car that includes cleanup supplies such as litter and scoop for a cat's litter box and plastic bags for dogs.
  • Avoid leaving pets at an animal shelter. Workers will most likely be overwhelmed taking in rescue animals.

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June 12, 2013