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Founder’s Sister Leaves Lesson of Companionship at Any Age

Kids and animals usually seem to steal the spotlight when one talks about the human–animal bond, but as people age, pets may play an increasingly important role in their lives. Often, pets provide the much needed daily companionship once provided by friends who have died and children who are now grown up.

Such was the case for Florence Weber, known as “Aunt Flossie,” who recently died at the ripe old age of 103. Sister of Morris Animal Foundation’s founders, Dr. Mark Morris Sr. and Louise Weber Morris, Flossie represents the many seniors whose pets enrich and bring much happiness into their golden years.

Before retiring in the Denver area, Flossie taught second grade in New Jersey for more than 40 years. In her long retirement, she stayed connected to the local schools and children, and her love of children helped foster her love of animals. Like many seniors, Flossie wanted some companionship during her retirement, so she acquired a Chinese Shar-Pei puppy whom she named Joy, because the dog quickly became the joy of her life.

After Joy died, Flossie decided she was no longer able to care for an active dog, but she still wanted the camaraderie that having a pet brought to her life. She then adopted several cats, who were an important part of Flossie’s life during her 90s. The cats died only recently, just before she did.

Flossie’s story is personal to us at Morris Animal Foundation because she was connected to our history and represents the bond animals bring into our lives. We are eternally thankful for the Aunt Flossies in our world and for the animals who love us regardless of our age.

Posted by MAFon July 11, 2011.

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Submitted by Linda Klassen at: July 14, 2011
She will be missed. When Mark, Jr. would come to town he would always stay w/ Aunt Flossie. What a wonderful woman. I just learned that Mark, Jr., passed away last year. I was shocked.He was a terrific person - very personnel with the staff. I was George Miller & Rob Hilsenrod asst. So I got to know Mark, Jr., pretty well. I know he has been missed. Thanks for your continued work. of