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Foundation Announces Four New Veterinary Fellowships for Advanced Study

The Morris Animal Foundation Veterinary Fellowships for Advanced Study are four-year grants designed to financially support veterinarians while they return to school for training to gain a PhD in a field of animal health research. The Foundation recently granted four new Veterinary Fellowships for Advanced Study (learn more about them below), which brings the total number of current fellowships to 12.

“This grant program is very important as it ultimately increases the number of veterinarians with PhDs, which is critical to filling the pipeline for veterinary researchers needed to advance animal health,” says Tobie McPhail, director of scientific programs at Morris Animal Foundation.

These grants differ from the traditional Morris Animal Foundation Fellowship Training Grants in several ways. They provide four years of salary support as opposed to two years for traditional fellowships. Candidates must already have a DVM degree. Lastly, the fellow’s institution is required to make an annual funding contribution. Morris Animal Foundation pays $40,000 per year while the school contributes $20,000 per year. This combined funding provides each fellow with a $60,000 annual salary for four years. 

Below is more information about the most recent fellowships awarded.

Understanding Abnormal Blood Platelet Function in Dogs with Sepsis

Ronald Li, DVM

University of California/Davis

Assessing Stem Cell Therapies’ Ability to Repair Neurological Function in Horses

Sally Ness, DVM

Cornell University

Understanding Why Some Cats Fail to Clear Red Blood Cell Infections

Pierre Deshuillers, DVM

Purdue University

Evaluating Tuberculosis Prevention, Diagnosis and Control Strategies in Badgers and Elephants

Laura Martin, DVM

Colorado State University

Since 2009, Morris Animal Foundation has funded 22 Veterinary Fellowships for Advanced Study.

By: Allen Byrne

Categories: Animal health
October 22, 2014