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The 2011 Betty White Calendar is now available

The 2011 Betty White Calendar is now available wherever calendars are sold: bookstores, gift stores, online retailers and department stores. The price is $12.99. The calendar is available online at and

Morris Animal Foundation is not taking orders for these calendars; however, Betty is generously donating her royalties from the calendar to the Foundation. We thank her for more than 40 years of support and for her continued efforts to raise awareness of our goal of creating a healthier tomorrow for animals. 


Posted by MAFon September 23, 2010.

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Submitted by Kerry + Jeannette Nuttley at: December 6, 2011
I Pray that people like Betty White are born every day that way we can all share the love for every living animal and thing,, may thy find the fountain of youth and may Betty all the people and animals that have the same sole as here drink from it,,and all the ingnorant people see what means most to this earth and follow there lead !! may all your god bless !!