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Loving golden retrievers, and walking to give them a healthier tomorrow

The time has come for Morris Animal Foundation’s 2016 Greater Sacramento K9 Cancer Walk. Bring your family, friends, and furry ones as we walk to fight canine cancer on October 9 in Elk Grove Regional Park, in Elk Grove, Calif.

Joining us will be Lea Kachler-Leake, whose commitment to the K9 Cancer Walk program and the whole golden retriever community has been inspirational. As event co-chair of this year’s Greater Sacramento walk, Lea is motivated to get others involved in helping tackle this terrible disease.

Lea first heard about Morris Animal Foundation, the walk program, and all of the Foundation’s initiatives after her beloved dog, Libby, died from cancer in 2013. “I promised Libby I would do this for her and for all the others,” said Lea. 

As a longtime volunteer with Golden Retriever Rescue, she has watched too many great dogs lose their lives to cancer. This year, Lea will complete her fifth walk with her Golden Retriever Lifetime Study Hero, Phoebe Rose.

“Why aren’t all golden retriever owners motivated to get involved?” asked Lea. “I guess in part it’s because people just don’t want to think about it.”

This year, Morris Animal Foundation urges anyone who wants to help stop canine cancer get involved in the fight. Put on your walking shoes and register today. 

The Foundation currently is funding more than 40 active dog cancer studies. Foundation-funded researchers are investigating 10 different types of canine cancers, including some of the most common cancer types such as osteosarcoma, hemangiosarcoma, mast cell tumors, melanoma and lymphoma. By participating in the Greater Sacramento K9 Cancer Walk, you help the Foundation continue to fund these important studies. 

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October 5, 2016