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Join us at the South Florida K9 Cancer Walk

Talking to Pat Mulvihill, it doesn’t take long to discover her unending love for dogs. Pat has spent her life surrounded by dogs, usually in multiples. She currently has four furry friends at home, a handful to be sure, but Pat wouldn’t have it any other way.

Pat is a good friend of Morris Animal Foundation, and has been a long-time supporter. She first heard about the foundation nearly 20 years ago from her family veterinarian, and she was drawn to our work. Participation in the South Florida K9 Cancer Walk is one of the many ways she contributes.

Like so many other K9 Cancer Walk participants, Pat has felt the heartbreak of losing a beloved pet to cancer, as well as other diseases and some simply to old age. Pat has lost a few dogs to cancer, some to other diseases, and some simply to old age.

“I would feel so alone, but the people at Morris Animal Foundation were always there, and they helped me through my sadness,” said Pat. “You’re an extension of my family. You can do things I can’t.”

Pat has walked in every South Florida K9 Cancer Walk since they began six years ago. Since then, K9 Cancer Walks across the nation have raised nearly $1.7 million. We hope to cross the $2 million mark in 2016, a major milestone for the walk program.This Sunday, Jan. 24, Pat will take to the road again to raise funds for canine cancer research.

At Morris Animal Foundation, we’re privileged to have dedicated supporters like Pat, who’ve made a difference in the lives of dogs everywhere through both their time and financial donations toward canine cancer research.

You, too, can further our mission to help dogs everywhere live longer, healthier lives. We invite you to sign up for our 2016 South Florida K9 Cancer Walk on Jan. 24 today! Together, we can find ways to prevent, treat and cure canine cancer.

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January 21, 2016