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Cats Unite in Cat Walk to Help Their Best Friends Fight Canine Cancer

Calling all cats (gatos)! Team captain Henry invites all cats to participate in a virtual cat walk in honor f his canine best friends. Team Henry is part of the upcoming Morris Animal Foundation K9 Cancer Walk in Vasona Lake Park, Los Gatos, Calif., on October 10. The walk will benefit the Foundation’s Canine Cancer Campaign. Join Team Henry at

Henry, the cat who rules the life of Morris Animal Foundation president and CEO Dr. Patricia N. Olson, will be “walking” in honor of his canine best friend Emma, who battled cancer last year. “I realized she’s pretty cool (for a dog),” says Henry. “And she’s part of my family. So I temporarily put aside my teasing and tried to comfort her after surgery instead. Seeing how worried my mom was, I figured it was the least I could do to start a team in her honor.”

Cancer affects half of all dogs, and the canine cancer research funded through Morris Animal Foundation’s Canine Cancer Campaign will help prevent, treat and, ultimately, cure this disease in dogs. But dogs aren’t the only pets afflicted with cancer. Our feline friends carry an equal burden of illness, and what is learned in dogs may one day benefit cats, and even humans, too. Participating in this virtual walk is a great way to help Morris Animal Foundation help dogs and cats live longer, cancer-free lives.

General registration is now open and all cats and dogs are invited to join—virtually or in person!

Posted by MAFon August 31, 2010.

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