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Signs Your Dog May Have Arthritis*

If you’re a dog owner, you’re conscientious about looking after your pet’s diet and making sure he or she gets plenty of exercise. But some days, your happy-go-lucky friend may seem different, and you’re not sure why. Watch for these early-warning signs of arthritis in your canine companion:

  • Favoring a limb
  • Difficulty sitting or standing
  • Sleeping more than usual
  • Seeming to have stiff or sore joints
  • Reluctance to jump, run or climb stairs
  • Weight gain
  • Decreased activity or less interest in play
  • Barking or whimpering when touched
  • A personality change that involves resisting touch
  • Seeming less alert

*According to the Arthritis Foundation and

Please consult your pet’s veterinarian at the earliest signs of these or any other unusual changes in behavior. Your dog deserves to live a long, healthy and active life.

Posted by MAFon August 30, 2009.

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Submitted by Cathy at: April 15, 2012
I found that the use of NSAIDS was the best for my dog. I also found some advice on dog arthritis which suggested glucosamine, which also seems to be bringing some level of releif.
Submitted by renee lewis at: January 4, 2012
i have a 4 yr old shetland sheep dog, she has 3 legs, her right leg is missing, now her left leg has been giving her problems to were she doesn't want to even walk, or go use bathroom.. i"m so hwart broken.. took her to vet, they gave her medicine 2pills 2 times a day, one is steroids. seems to be helping her. then i found out about the treats from China, i have fed her them for 4yrs.. thats all she likes.. i havfe stopped giving her any from China.. any advice? please... thamk you Renee and (dog) KyAnne
Submitted by Jennifer at: December 21, 2011
I have an English Bulldog who is going to be 6 years old in 2 months. He is slightly over weight (102) pounds and his back leg which does have arthritis in my Dr usually tells me to give him 2 bayers. Which I have been doing but the last 3 days they have been bad he can barly get up on his own. I think I may try Glucosemine. I don't want to put him on a prescription drug yet incase it does get worse, I don't want his body use to it but I hope I am not being selfess against him. He seems to be walking better on it with the bayer however does anyone know what signs I should be worried about. This is the worse I seen him if anyone could email at would like to know if there is anything else I could do at home before I put him on an anit inflammartoy meds? Thanks
Submitted by Joe C at: December 16, 2011
To Kaelyn...DO NOT USE TYLENOL....Dogs do not react well to Acetominaphin, the active ingredient in Tylenol!
Submitted by Larry at: December 14, 2011
My wirehair mix terrier has a mini stroke. now he limp on the right leg. He is about 16yrs. old human yrs. sleep a lot /
Submitted by Mary-Jane at: December 12, 2011
Bozley the pedigree Cocker has just had his second bout with something, that seems to resemble arthiritis. I see they can also get Gout and the symptoms are close. I am also a senior with limited funds for the vet. A family friend who is a human doc, said to use tylenol?? He does walk down the stairs but will not go up them. He is miserable.
Submitted by Kaelyn at: July 6, 2011
We currently have a Labrador with arthritis and we use Glucosemine. It works great!
Submitted by taylor williams at: June 30, 2011
i have a dog named cookie and she is turning 12 and she has arthritis does anyone know some info that i could use to help my dog!!!!!!!!!!ANYTHING WILL WORK!!!!!!
Submitted by rc at: June 27, 2011
fish oil helps our dogs and glusamin with condrointin that you can get at the pet stores
Submitted by Ruth at: June 10, 2011
I have a two year old Rott. He had surgery for a torn ACL it has developed into arthritis according to his last x-ray. I am planning on talking to my vet about adequin injections. I understand that this treatment is quite expensive, but I feel that Samson is worth the cost, but can I afford this for him. I am a senior citizen living on social security and working part time for a department store.
Submitted by tAMMIE at: May 16, 2011
Submitted by mark at: May 16, 2011
I have given my 10 year old Golden Previcox sparingly but read about some bad side effects which I dont think she has had. Is there a better alternative for Arthritis?
Submitted by donna little at: May 15, 2011
we have had this dog for 12 years now he lived threw parvo as a puppy but i;m afraid he has arthritis real bad i can;t stand watching him suffer with it we found him 12 years ago where someone put him in the trash can. please someone tell me what to do
Submitted by Rick at: February 22, 2011
My name is Rick. I had an 11 year old Beagle who loved to sleep and lay in front of a wall heater that blows air for circulation. I myself and many others have thought that may have contributed to his passing because we did have to put him down due to arhritis and old age in general. Now we have a puggle... (Pugg and Beagle) of three and a half years and he shares the same habbits of my old dog if not more so than him. I worry he may be next... I have addressed this to our vet and several others and they seem to have no answer. Just wondering if anyone has any info or past experiences regarding this topic. Rick
Submitted by Rachel Duncan at: January 24, 2011
First it is my son's dog but is there something that we can give our dogs. A type of dog food that would be helpful for them and nourishing? Do regular walks help?