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Scientists Produce Probiotic Bacteria with Potential to Prevent Urinary Oxalate Stones

Urinary stones are a common problem in dogs, and one that can cause life-threatening obstruction of the urinary tract. One common type of urinary stone is made of calcium oxalate. It is known that certain types of bacteria in the intestinal tract can degrade oxalate.

Using Morris Animal Foundation funding, researchers from the University of Minnesota examined healthy dogs and dogs with urinary stones for the presence of oxalate-degrading bacteria in the intestinal tract. They confirmed that a lack of oxalate-degrading bacteria increases the risk of urinary stone formation. The team was able to produce three probiotic bacteria with enhanced oxalate-degrading properties that have the potential to be used for both prevention and treatment of oxalate stones in dogs.

Posted by MAF on June 13, 2012.

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Submitted by Anonymous at: June 20, 2012
This is also the case in Rabbits.