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National Canine Health Initiative Discussed

National Canine Health Initiative Discussed at Golden Retriever Foundation Annual Gala

Though one of America’s favorite breeds, golden retrievers are also the No. 1 dog breed to get cancer, and more than half of those diagnosed will die of the disease. That statistic may change in the future. Morris Animal Foundation is planning to launch a new National Canine Health Initiative in 2010. David Kinghorn, president of the Golden Retriever Foundation, discussed Morris Animal Foundation’s cancer initiative at the organization’s annual gala Oct. 26, 2009.

Morris Animal Foundation will announce specific project details in the spring, but the goal of the initiative is to determine the genetic, nutritional and environmental risk factors for cancer. While studying cancer risks, researchers will also be able to capture risks for other chronic diseases. To begin, Morris Animal Foundation will be recruiting 1,000 golden retrievers that are healthy and cancer free. As additional funding becomes available, golden retriever puppies and other breeds will be added to the project. The study will last throughout the lifetimes of the enrolled dogs—making it the largest study of its kind for dogs—and will be supervised by scientists, veterinarians and project managers. Considerable information will be obtained on each dog throughout its life, including what it eats and whether it is exposed to potential carcinogens.

The Golden Retriever Foundation is a longstanding partner in the fight against canine cancer, and the organization will be instrumental in helping Morris Animal Foundation move forward with this cancer initiative.

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Submitted by Wendy Jacobs at: May 30, 2011
We are so glad to see you are researching Goldens and cancer. We had 2 goldens who died within 6 months of each other. They were not related and they both had lymphoma. It made us wonder if it could have been environmental. We wish you luck in finding some of the causes of cancer in Golden Retrievers!